Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Clean Hair With JOHNSON’S Kids

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S, however all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

My kids LOVE bath time at our house. I mean what is not to love? Getting to splash around and play with toys at the end of a long day sounds pretty nice to me. As their mom, I love making sure every square inch of my sweet babes are clean from head to toe, and I use the JOHNSON'S Kids Shampoo and Conditioner to make that happen.

What I love about these Shampoos and Conditioners from JOHNSON'S Kids is there is a line for EVERY hair type. This is fantastic for me because I have 3 kids with different hair types.

Blair's hair is fine, but very long. She is also very tender headed. I LOVE the JOHNSON'S Kids Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner for her hair type. Formulated with vitamin E and wheat bran, this shampoo gently cleanses, nourishes, and helps prevents breakage to B's rapidly growing hair. She loves the fact that it is TEAR-FREE, and I love the fact that it is a hypoallergenic shampoo that is also paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and dye-free.

The boys have fairly normal hair, however it gets rather dirty and sweaty from their running around and just being boys in general during the day. For their hair needs, I choose the Clean & Fresh Kids' Shampoo & Body Wash. This tear-free formula is also sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and dye-free. I love that it is a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash and it is great for Colt's very sensitive skin. I should also mention that it smells amazing, so my boys leave the bath smelling clean as a whistle.

The best part about these JOHNSON'S Kids' Shampoos and Conditioners is they are available at your local Walmart! I love finding an affordable and diverse products for my family that I know yours will love, too. Add to your next online pickup or delivery order!

Here is the list of all of the different products within the JOHNSON'S Kids' Shampoo and Conditioner line:

  •  JOHNSON'S Strengthening Tear-Free Kids' Shampoo
  •  JOHNSON'S Strengthening Tear-Free Kids' Conditioner
  •  JOHNSON'S Baby Ultra-Hydrating Kids' Conditioner with Tear-Free Pro-Vitamin B5 and Proteins
  •  JOHNSON'S Ultra Hydrating Kids' Shampoo with Tear Free Proteins & Pro-Vitamin B5
  •  JOHNSON'S Curl-Defining Kids' Shampoo with Frizz Control Shea Butter
  •  JOHNSON'S Baby Curl-Defining Kids' Leave-In Conditioner with Frizz Control Shea Butter
  •  JOHNSON'S Baby Clean & Fresh Kids' Shampoo & Body Wash with Sulfate-, Paraben-, Phthalate-, & Dye-Free No More Tears Formula
  •  JOHNSON'S Shiny & Soft Kids' Shampoo with Softening Argan Oil
  •  JOHNSON'S Shiny & Soft Kids' Conditioning Spray with Softening Argan Oil

Let me know if you try these ATTAINABLE, and AFFORDABLE products for your kids! 

Blessings and Health, 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Staying Healthy and Happy at Home With Samsung

This post is sponsored by Samsung Home Appliances, however all opinions are that of my own. 

As a mother of three very active children, staying home during this time has not always been an easy feat. I have had to become a little more innovative when it comes to making sure my family stays healthy AND happy while being at home. Fortunately, we have our Samsung 3-door Refrigerator with Hub 2.0 to help out. We have had this wonderful fridge for a little over a year now and it has been one of, if not the most used item in our house ESPECIALLY while we are staying at home- because, lets face it, these kids are ALWAYS eating.  

What I love about my Samsung 3-door Refrigerator is how spacious it is. It holds A LOT of food. This is a good thing because, like I mentioned earlier, my kids eat a lot. It is my job to keep the fridge stocked with good, nutritious foods so we all can feel our best during this time. 

I'm going to admit that even though I have been on top of a lot of things while staying at home, I have let my refrigerator organization go. So I am going to take you step by step on how I clean and organize my Samsung refrigerator. If you haven't cleaned your fridge out in a while, then save this post for later so you can do the same! 

This is what my fridge looked like BEFORE I started taking out all of the contents in it. It's not terrible, but it definitely could use a cleaning and some light organizing. 

So, the first thing I did was start taking out all of the contents of the fridge. Every single thing. Make sure your countertops are cleaned off before you start so your food and the packages aren't dirtied in the process. 

Next- make sure you throw out all expired food items. I did not even have to check the expiration date on these bags of lettuce to know they were not edible. YUCK. I also checked all expiration dates on things in containers just to be safe, and sure enough I had a couple that had expired. 

I used a fragrance-free cleaner to clean mine. Make sure you get every nook and cranny possible. 

Speaking of nook and crannies.. Did you know you can remove the drawers in Samsung's Refrigerators? I didn't until this very moment. You would be shocked at how much crud accumulates in these drawers. So make sure you pull these out as well to ensure they get a good cleaning. 

The shelves on the Samsung Refrigerators are easily removed also. This made it easy for me to wipe them all down thoroughly. I just popped them back on once I was done. Easy peasy.  

Once you are done, you can put the drawers/shelves back in their original spots and begin to ORGANIZE your food in your newly cleaned refrigerator! 

Okay, here is my little dollar store organization hack for you guys. I buy these clear containers at my local dollar store for ONE DOLLAR and use them to organize my food. Its a great way to keep foods that are alike together, and it also keeps from a lot of messes happening in your fridge because these containers catch a lot of possible crumbs/spills. 

I love how clean and organized these containers make my refrigerator look! 

And thats it! So simple! Took me about 30 minutes to do this entire cleaning/organizing project. What do you guys think? 

Now, let's talk stocking this nice and clean refrigerator. Yes, it has food in it NOW but in a few days I can guarantee you that I'll need to be restocking it. I have been relying heavily on Insta Cart these days to help ensure that I do not have to get my kids out in the grocery stores right now. I can simply choose my items I need, right there on my Samsung Refrigerator, and they are delivered to my front door that same day. Talk about convenience for this mama! 

Staying healthy at home is not my only priority for the kids and myself. I also want to keep our household HAPPY at home as best I can. The Samsung 3-door Refrigerator with Hub 2.0 has been a great tool for us to use to boost our moods when we are in a funk.

If you know me, then you know that pictures are one of my love languages. I can upload any picture I want straight from my phone to my Samsung Refrigerator and I am able to have these memories playing on repeat all day long. Sometimes I find myself just standing in front of the fridge, not because I am hungry, but because I am caught up in looking at these wonderful memories my family has made. Instant mood booster for us. 

Another thing that the kids and I do on the reg, especially when we are all in a funky mood is have DANCE PARTIES! 
We crank up our favorite music and I just let the kids (and myself) get loose for a few minutes just to shake the funkiness out. Let me tell you, this works wonders! Especially for kids. They love being able to pick out music on our family hub and I love this simple way to boost our spirits during this often difficult time. 

How did you like these tips? It is my goal to not only help, but to also make sure you know that you are not alone. There is no 'one size fits all' method to keeping your family healthy and happy during this time. To be honest, most of the time I feel like I am just in "survivor mode." But I have found these simple things to be of HUGE help to my family and I, especially these past couple of months. How are YOU staying healthy AND happy during this time? 

Blessings and Health, 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Wake Up Happy With Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond, however all opinions are my own. 

You guys all know how important sleep has become in my life this year. Towards the end of the summer, I was making all kinds of efforts to get better sleep. It wasn't until I found out my sleep persona , thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, that I was able to hone in on what my true sleep needs were. 

I learned that my sleep persona is The Overthinker. 
When the lights turn off, my brain turns on. This has often led to many restless nights, even when I am plum exhausted. Can anyone else find this relatable? Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond has dedicated sleep solutions for my sleep persona! I have been using four of them for close to a month now, and I cannot even begin to explain how much of a difference they have made in relaxing me and creating an overall sense of calmness in my sleep space. 

These Under The Canopy® HomeGrown™ Organic Cotton Sheets are the softest thing I have ever snuggled up to at night. These sheets are made with 100% organic cotton, have zero harsh chemicals or dyes and feel like I am sleeping in a giant cloud. Even my husband (who sleeps like a rock) noticed the sheets and how comfortable they were from the first night of use. 

My Therapedic® Weighted Cooling Blanket has been one of my favorite items that were suggested for my overthinker sleep persona. I have been resisting the whole weighted blanket movement for a while and never thought they lived up to the hype. I stand corrected. This weighted blanket lives up to the hype and then some. I find the pressure from the weighted blanket to be extremely calming. 

You know how they say, "you learn something new every day." Well, I learned that there was such a thing as weighted eye masks. These are so cool! My Therapedic® Weighted Eye Mask is great for blocking out any light, and also has a fabulous way of calming. I have even found it to be useful if I have a tension headache, which those happen often to a mom of three. 

I saved my favorite product for last because even if you are not an overthinker sleep persona, like myself, I think you still need this Brookstone® CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow. First of all, CBD oil has become very popular in the health and wellness world, and for good reason. It has effective calming effects and has been proven to help those with anxiety, stress, depression, and even body pains. I knew this pillow had potential to be amazing, but it has outdone my expectations. In combination with the sheets, the weighted blanket/eye mask, I truly feel like I am sleeping on a giant cloud of zen. 

I know this probably all sounds too good to be true. I mean how hard can getting good sleep be, right? Just like we all have different dietary needs, we all have different sleep needs as well. Bed Bath & Beyond is the sleep expert and destination for an overall better sleep experience. They help you identify YOUR specific sleep needs according to your sleep persona. Find out what your own sleep persona is today start getting a better and more personalized sleep experience.

Blessings and Health, 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ask the Moms- Dealing With a Difficult MIL

Hey friends!

This post has been in the making for a long time. The reason it took so long for me to finally be able to press "publish" is due to the fact that it took me FOREVER to get through all of the dm's that were sent to me in response to this topic on the Ask the Moms series. Thank you to all who opened up to me about their experiences and gave honest and helpful advice. This week's topic is actually one that I cannot relate to in any way, shape, or form because it is my personal belief that I have the world's best mother-in-law. She doesn't ever step on my toes as a mother, she doesn't give unsolicited advice about how to parent (although she will when I ask), she understands that her role to my children is that of a grandmother and not of a mother. It is just a huge blessing, as is she. With that being said, I know this is not the case for many women/mothers out there. This week, I asked you guys to share experiences, input, and helpful advice on how to deal with a difficult mother-in-law (or father-in-law).

For the sake of not hurting or ruining any relationships, I am not sharing the handles of people who gave input on this week's topic. 

"Advice- If you tried and they are not respecting you/putting in effort either... Drop them like a bad habit." 

"Setting appropriate boundaries firmly, yet with respect and love." 

"Have your husband deal with his mom. Everything comes across much better that way."

"Be upfront and remain a united team with your spouse." 

"JUST LAY IT ALL OUT. Boundaries. Sit down and have a convo." 

"I know what this is like and all I can say is... whoever's mother it is needs to reign that sh*t in!"

"I tell myself that someday I will be a MIL, and having another woman in his life will be hard."

"Setting boundaries! Letting them know there are certain times when input isn't wanted." 

"Rely on the Lord and don't hide uncomfortable situations from your spouse. This can cause unwanted tension. Stand firm in your belief on how to raise your children and don't back down from what you and your spouse have decided on how to raise your children. MIL and FILs are important and valued, but what's more important is that you and your spouse are on the same page and hopefully with that your spouse would have your back." 

"How funny, I was about to say I'm not a mom but it's fun to hear what people say about parenting plus I just love everything about you. But this topic, wow. I have so much to say from a perspective of a MIL who really disliked me and honestly the feeling was mutual until she got sick with cancer and the last few months I believe God allowed us to find balance in our relationship. A simple thing as finding out I still balance a checkbook (which I still do to this day) bonded us to the point I was in charge of all of her finances until she passed. She trusted me that much. And less than 24 hours before she passed I balanced her checkbook. A simpole thing she needed in order to pass peacefully. I know, long story but my advice is to find SOMETHING... anything as stupid as it may seem to find in common that can bond you. I wish I had figured that out way before." 

"This used to be me!!! At first my MIL was scary to me. She was VERYYY stand off-ish compared to my family in the beginning. When I was over at my husbands house (boyfriend at the time) she rarely talked to me... maybe "hey/bye". Where my FIL would literally talk my ear off. One day I finally talked to her about how intimidating she was to me. I know I texted her becasue she scared the sh**t out of me in person. She literally replied that she didn't want to be a monster in law and she would try to do better. Now we are really close, she never steps on my toes about anything parenting related or life choices (since I am a stay at home mom people tend to judge my career choices). So my advice is to communicate your thoughts and wishes towards her. If she keeps stepping over the line then try having the husband talk to her. If that doesn't work, then move away lol"

"I put myself out there and took the heat for 4 years and finally, I said enough. She has even gone as far as to question my son's paternity and now even says he's not her grandchild. I feel bad for my son not having that relationship but I also know it's not okay to have toxic people like that in our lives." 

You guys, this was BY FAR the most responded to topic on this ATM series thus far. I want to take a second to say that I appreciate every single one of you who reached out to me, held conversations with me about this, opened up to me about this difficult topic, and gave honest and helpful input. I cannot imagine how hard this kind of situation must be and if gives me such a good perspective to hold onto for when I do become a MIL one day. 

Thoughts for the next ATM series topic? Let me know! Always looking for great and helpful topics of discussion with you guys. 

Blessings and Health, 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ask the Moms- Preparing Your Child for KINDERGARTEN

Hey friends!

With school being back in session for most of us (HALLELUJAH), this topic of discussion is perfect because most of us have our minds set on school. One of my sweet followers asked me to touch on this topic when the whole Ask The Moms Series was merely a thought. I think this was a great topic for all of us moms because sometimes we question whether our child is ready for a big step like Kindergarten. What I wanted to do that was a little different this go around is not only ask the moms, but also ask the TEACHERS for their input on this topic. I think it is really important to have both moms and teachers' perspectives when asking what our child needs to know before going into kindergarten. So without further ado, here are the responses to this week's question.

This week's topic: What do we need to know/do to have our children ready for Kindergarten?

"Kindergarten teacher here- LETTERS AND SOUNDS." 
-Anna @chatt2chatter

"Keep your weekends relatively free... kiddos will be SO tired adjusting to the new routine especially when just starting out. Let weekends be for rest and for creative play!" 
-Lynne @poutnpowder

"Former Kindergarten teacher here (now I teach 1st). Write their name, count to 10, button their own pants and pick up after themselves, phone number, recognize when words rhyme, recognize the letters of the alphabet. Opening their own milk carton would be a major plus as well!" 
-Holley @holleycorder

"Sit quietly and really listen." 
-Hailey @mrs.turnmire

"Recognizing each letter/sound it makes. This is ESSENTIAL for pre-reading." 
-Stephanie @mrs_monte29

"All letters and sounds. Number recognition and counting up to 30. Colors and basic shapes." 
-Chelsey @cmbrightman

"Potty trained fully and know how to write name with correct capitalization. Also, know most all letters, numbers, and letter sounds! (I am a pre-k teacher in town :)) Following directions and walking in a line is key too. " 
-Anna @annaglascock149

"It helps to be able to wipe their own butt!"
-Amanda W. 

A HUGE thank you to all who sent in their advice/input! If your's did not end up being featured, it is only because there were some sent in that touched on the same/similar things and I like keeping these informative and concise. Let me know your thoughts on this, and stay tuned for next week's topic! 

Blessings and Health, 

Monday, August 5, 2019

Moms Talk About SEX -- After Baby

Hey friends!

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience with me on this latest post. I had to put it off due to some family/health related things that took precedence. But I made the time to do it while my husband was out golfing and the kids were conveniently preoccupied with their dreams (aka nap time). This post got a ton of buzz and response from you guys, and I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for your contributions to this week's Ask the Moms topic: Sex After Baby.

Last week, I asked you guys if you had any experience, thoughts, or advice about the rather daunting thought of having sex after giving birth to a baby. I mean... you expelled a human out of your lady bits... the last thing on all of our minds is having sex, right? WRONG. Honestly, I was rather (pleasantly) surprised to see all of the responses about how some of you "couldn't wait" to do the deed after baby, because I felt the same way. By week 2-3 postpartum with each of my kids, my husband and I were READY, but that doesn't mean my body was. Obviously, each woman is different- different bodies, different birth stories, different recovery times, etc. and that is why I think this is such a great topic because there is no "one size fits all" answer or piece of advice to go with it.  So without further ado, let's read what the REAL moms have to say about sex AFTER baby.

"Give yourself grace and TIME. Lots of time. Don't do it until you want to/are ready." 
-Alexa @alexa_massie

"Just trying not to think about it as I'm about to experience it after a complicated c-section." 
-Amanda @amanda_bohrer

"Lots of LUBE! I cannot stress enough because it's so dry down there! If you had any sort of tearing or stitches then go very slowly. It took me 12 weeks the first time and 8ish this time. Go slow the first few times until you finally feel comfortable. It's ok to stop 5 minutes into it." 
-Krista @kindasurvivingmotherhood

"I never waited the full 6 weeks." 
-Kami @youmeandthesea

"Communicate with your spouse!!! Don't feel guilty that you're not yourself at first." 
-Mallon @malskeens

"Waited 3-4 weeks for me for my last two because I didn't tear at all." 
-Allie @mrs_ajohnson

"Don't do it before you're cleared by your doctor, ESPECIALLY if you had to get stitches." 
-Courtney @courtneey_c

"Be relaxed, and also realistic. I waited to be cleared, personally, but felt ready at 4-5 weeks postpartum! I told my husband that we are going to make a date of it and I bought a cute outfit!" 
-Alexis @hollalexis

"For me it was so different after each baby. With my c sections I was "ready" sooner, but just make sure you are ready and don't worry if you don't feel like doing "it." Your body just went through a huge trauma. There are other ways to have "sexy time." 
-Trista @trista_ulmer

-Hannah C. 

"Well, I think the timing truly depends on mom's health. After my first child, I had to undergo repairs a couple of times. FINALLY, after 6 long months post baby, I switched doctors and was repaired correctly. Another week of healing, and I was able to be with my VERY patient husband. With our second daughter, I had an emergency cesarean. The recovery time was estimated 6 weeks. That was correct for me. Continue praying together and growing together. The right time will happen. If you don't feel as comfortable in your skin, get a cute silk top. Allow your husband to love on you." 
-Katy S. 

Thanks again to all of the wonderful women who contributed to this week's topic on the Ask the Mom Series! Do you have a topic in mind that you'd like to bring to the group to discuss? Please feel free to comment below or send me a message/comment on a post and let me know so I can add it to the list of topics. Stay tuned for next week's topic of discussion, and as always, THANK YOU for being here! 

Blessings and Health, 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Ask The Moms- Staying Active Amidst the Busy Schedules

Hey Friends!

Welcome to the first of, what I hope will be, many posts in the new Ask The Moms Series! I am SO excited YOU are here with us. I am going to share a little back story behind this idea of mine before we dive into this week's topic. So, back in May-June, I found myself resorting to Dr. G (google) for a lot of my mom/woman related questions. And then I had an epiphany. Amidst my googling, I thought to myself, "what if I always had a group of moms I could ask my questions to and always have real experiences and ideas and thoughts instead of google (no offense, Dr. G)." And that is essentially what lead me to birth this idea of asking YOU, a real woman/mother, for input, advice, and ideas to all of our questions. So without further ado- let's get into what the moms have to say!

This week's question: What are some tips and advice from both SAHM's and Working moms on how to stay active amidst having a busy schedule?

Responses were taken from both Instagram and Facebook.

"Schedule your workouts in advance. If your gym allows early sign ups, do it! It keeps you accountable." 
-Alexa @alexa_massie

"It's all about my morning routine. I wake up 1 hour before everyone for my me time." 
-Alexis @mamastorytime

"Take 30-45 minutes to exercise. Chances are, you will be a better mom because you took that time. I used to feel guilty being a working mom and didn't want to spend extra time away. But I am a better mom because I do it. I am more patient, energetic, and just more present with them now." 
-Holley @holleycorder

"If it's a priority you'll do it. Make it a family event (afternoon walks for example)."
-Krista @kindasurvivingmotherhood

"I invested in some exercise equipment to work out from home. I only work part time, but since I have a treadmill and some weights, I feel like whether I am working or staying at home I don't really have an excuse. I also use my cardio time as my tv watching time. I only give myself the hour or however long I am on the treadmill to watch my shows, so that is a good incentive for me." 
-Karissa F. 

"I go on a 30 minute walk every single day. Sometimes I have to take my kids, and sometimes I am able to do it solo. I do sometimes go to the gym on top of that, but what stays consistent is my kids seeing me make the time to take care of myself." 
-Angelia B.

"I chose a gym that has a daycare included in the membership. It is a little pricier, but if it means I get up to two hours of me time/exercise, then I think it is worth the money. Invest in your health." 
-Molly G. 

"Walking every day is free, low stress on my joints, and it relaxes me. I can tell a huge difference in my stress levels at home with the kids on days I don't walk verses when I do." 
-Sara B. 

I want to thank all of the moms who contributed to this week's question! If your response did not end up in this week's post, don't worry! It just means your response was very similar to another person who also responded. Your input is SO VALUED! Have any other pieces of advice about staying active as a busy mom, whether you are working or staying at home, please leave it in the comments below! We would love to read your ideas too! Stay tuned for next week's Ask The Mom's topic!

Blessings and Health, 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Family Summer Snacks With Samsung

This post is sponsored by Samsung. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 

Hey friends! I am excited to share today's blog post as it is all about one of my family's favorite things to do during the summer- SNACKING. I know that I am not the only mom out there who feels like their kids eat them out of house and home during the summer. I always have to have my Samsung Refrigerator stocked with all of our fresh summer favorites. 

As many of you know, one of our favorite snacks to have on hand during the summer is WATERMELON. I mean, who doesn't like watermelon? It's sweet, hydrating, delicious, and it is actually good for you! We eat ALL the watermelon during the summer. 

You guys all know how much I love my Samsung 3-Door Refrigerator with Hub 2.0 and I love it even more during the summer time because it affords me to be able to store ALL the fresh fruit in it. I can store two full watermelon halves, 2 pounds of grapes, apples, strawberries, peaches, a giant bowl of diced honeydew melon, an entire carton of cherry tomatoes and SO MUCH MORE. 

Other than watermelon, some more of our family favorites to snack on during the summers are grapes, cherry tomatoes, apples, peaches, and cucumbers. I love how hydrating these all are and how they are usually easy to find locally because they are in season. My kids can't get enough and mama is definitely not mad about that.

One of the features that my sons like to use on our Samsung Refrigerator is ask Bixby to "show the fridge." This directs the refrigerator to show the inside contents via imbedded cameras. This is a cool feature for them to use because they can see what fresh fruits that I have washed and cut up for them already, so they know what to expect when opening the doors.

So, thanks to our Samsung Refrigerator, we will be enjoying ALL the fresh fruits and veggies our hearts desire all summer long! And you know this mama is getting in on the watermelon eating action!

 If you are interested in a post about summer snacks, how to make them healthy or help kids choose the healthy choice, let me know below! As always, I appreciate your support and you guys' feedback. 

Blessings and Health, 

Clean Hair With JOHNSON’S Kids

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S, however all thoughts and opinions are that of my own. My kids LOVE bath time at our house. I...