Monday, July 22, 2019

Ask The Moms- Staying Active Amidst the Busy Schedules

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Welcome to the first of, what I hope will be, many posts in the new Ask The Moms Series! I am SO excited YOU are here with us. I am going to share a little back story behind this idea of mine before we dive into this week's topic. So, back in May-June, I found myself resorting to Dr. G (google) for a lot of my mom/woman related questions. And then I had an epiphany. Amidst my googling, I thought to myself, "what if I always had a group of moms I could ask my questions to and always have real experiences and ideas and thoughts instead of google (no offense, Dr. G)." And that is essentially what lead me to birth this idea of asking YOU, a real woman/mother, for input, advice, and ideas to all of our questions. So without further ado- let's get into what the moms have to say!

This week's question: What are some tips and advice from both SAHM's and Working moms on how to stay active amidst having a busy schedule?

Responses were taken from both Instagram and Facebook.

"Schedule your workouts in advance. If your gym allows early sign ups, do it! It keeps you accountable." 
-Alexa @alexa_massie

"It's all about my morning routine. I wake up 1 hour before everyone for my me time." 
-Alexis @mamastorytime

"Take 30-45 minutes to exercise. Chances are, you will be a better mom because you took that time. I used to feel guilty being a working mom and didn't want to spend extra time away. But I am a better mom because I do it. I am more patient, energetic, and just more present with them now." 
-Holley @holleycorder

"If it's a priority you'll do it. Make it a family event (afternoon walks for example)."
-Krista @kindasurvivingmotherhood

"I invested in some exercise equipment to work out from home. I only work part time, but since I have a treadmill and some weights, I feel like whether I am working or staying at home I don't really have an excuse. I also use my cardio time as my tv watching time. I only give myself the hour or however long I am on the treadmill to watch my shows, so that is a good incentive for me." 
-Karissa F. 

"I go on a 30 minute walk every single day. Sometimes I have to take my kids, and sometimes I am able to do it solo. I do sometimes go to the gym on top of that, but what stays consistent is my kids seeing me make the time to take care of myself." 
-Angelia B.

"I chose a gym that has a daycare included in the membership. It is a little pricier, but if it means I get up to two hours of me time/exercise, then I think it is worth the money. Invest in your health." 
-Molly G. 

"Walking every day is free, low stress on my joints, and it relaxes me. I can tell a huge difference in my stress levels at home with the kids on days I don't walk verses when I do." 
-Sara B. 

I want to thank all of the moms who contributed to this week's question! If your response did not end up in this week's post, don't worry! It just means your response was very similar to another person who also responded. Your input is SO VALUED! Have any other pieces of advice about staying active as a busy mom, whether you are working or staying at home, please leave it in the comments below! We would love to read your ideas too! Stay tuned for next week's Ask The Mom's topic!

Blessings and Health, 

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