Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ask the Moms- Preparing Your Child for KINDERGARTEN

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With school being back in session for most of us (HALLELUJAH), this topic of discussion is perfect because most of us have our minds set on school. One of my sweet followers asked me to touch on this topic when the whole Ask The Moms Series was merely a thought. I think this was a great topic for all of us moms because sometimes we question whether our child is ready for a big step like Kindergarten. What I wanted to do that was a little different this go around is not only ask the moms, but also ask the TEACHERS for their input on this topic. I think it is really important to have both moms and teachers' perspectives when asking what our child needs to know before going into kindergarten. So without further ado, here are the responses to this week's question.

This week's topic: What do we need to know/do to have our children ready for Kindergarten?

"Kindergarten teacher here- LETTERS AND SOUNDS." 
-Anna @chatt2chatter

"Keep your weekends relatively free... kiddos will be SO tired adjusting to the new routine especially when just starting out. Let weekends be for rest and for creative play!" 
-Lynne @poutnpowder

"Former Kindergarten teacher here (now I teach 1st). Write their name, count to 10, button their own pants and pick up after themselves, phone number, recognize when words rhyme, recognize the letters of the alphabet. Opening their own milk carton would be a major plus as well!" 
-Holley @holleycorder

"Sit quietly and really listen." 
-Hailey @mrs.turnmire

"Recognizing each letter/sound it makes. This is ESSENTIAL for pre-reading." 
-Stephanie @mrs_monte29

"All letters and sounds. Number recognition and counting up to 30. Colors and basic shapes." 
-Chelsey @cmbrightman

"Potty trained fully and know how to write name with correct capitalization. Also, know most all letters, numbers, and letter sounds! (I am a pre-k teacher in town :)) Following directions and walking in a line is key too. " 
-Anna @annaglascock149

"It helps to be able to wipe their own butt!"
-Amanda W. 

A HUGE thank you to all who sent in their advice/input! If your's did not end up being featured, it is only because there were some sent in that touched on the same/similar things and I like keeping these informative and concise. Let me know your thoughts on this, and stay tuned for next week's topic! 

Blessings and Health, 


  1. This is a great topic for all the moms. They can help to prepare their child for kindergarten. Teachers should ensure also that kids are ready to move for Kindergarten. Both teachers and Moms can make equal efforts for the child. If they follow these steps child could be prepare for Kindergarten. It is necessary for child that he learn all the basic skills that are required. It is the responsibilty of teachers and their parents. Here are some best parenting podcasts for parents that can help to understand their child.

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