Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Small Changes that Make a BIG Difference- With FAGE

This is post is sponsored by FAGE. All opinions are my own.

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I am a huge advocate for living an active and healthy lifestyle. These healthy choices are not just for me, but for my family as well. I say this, but please know that it has not always been this easy (anything worth having or doing usually isn't, right?). Our current lifestyle has been about 6 to 7 years in the making, and all started by making small changes that wound up making a big difference.

One of the small changes that our family made was to cut out excess sugar. We reduce our refined and added sugar intake on a daily basis by doing a few things:

1. We stick to (mostly) water to drink. 
Now are there times where we drink something that isn't water? Sure. You all know how much I love my diet lemonade (which one of the 3 ingredients is... you guessed it... water). 

2. We try to consume mostly whole foods. 
I've talked about this before, but if it isn't packaged then there is no way for it to have added sugar (or anything for that matter). We tend to stick to fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole eggs, etc. 

3. We read food labels.
Any packaged food that we do buy, we look at a few things. First, the ingredients. A mile-long list of ingredients is a red flag to me because that means this product has tons of additives and chemicals and is very far from its natural state. Second, we look at the sugar content and look for any added sweeteners. One of the reasons we love FAGE, is they have made it easy for our family (and yours) to consume less sugar with their split cups now having 30% less sugar in them than before (*reduced from 16-17g to 11g per serving), PLUS zero artificial sweeteners. 

Sawyer has absolutely no favorites when it comes to the flavor of his yogurt. He eats it all! He especially loves the 0% milkfat split cups in the flavor blueberry acai. He loves the taste by itself or with some berries to top it off. 

Colt is a new lover of yogurt and is slowly discovering new tastes and flavors. He is one of those kids that likes to "stick with what he knows" and always seem to grab for the 2% milkfat in the flavor, strawberry. I say you can never go wrong with strawberry in my opinion! 

You all know B isn't picky when it comes to food! But I do like for her to eat the 5% milkfat split cups so that she is able to get some more healthy fats in her diet. She loves all the flavors, of course, but I think she is partial to the blueberry! It's her favorite fruit :)

These FAGE Split Cups are PERFECT for after-school snacks, healthier sweet treats, or on-the-go breakfasts. They offer the same sweet, creamy taste and consistency, only with 30% less sugar. That's a win-win in my mama book. If you are interested in finding FAGE Total Split Cups in stores near you, click here to take you to their store locator. 

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