Sunday, November 18, 2018

TBM Walmart Christmas Gift Guide

Hey friends! You all have been loving my Walmart finds this season! From the puffer coats, to stylish sweaters, shoes, sherpa jackets, and tons more, I think Walmart has really stepped up their game this season. I had an almost unanimous vote for me to share my top Walmart picks for the family this Christmas, and I was more than happy to oblige. I have broken it down to Gifts For Her, Gifts For Him, Gifts For Big Kid, Gifts For Little Kid, and Gifts For Baby

Gifts For Her 

I wanted to break it down into sub-categories for you guys, just in case you all think like me. I like to buy for my family based on two things: wants and needs. I always like to get my kids something they need at the present moment (i.e a nice winter coat, some new clothes, new shoes, etc.). I also like to obviously buy them something they want or that I know they would like. 

Her Needs

Her Wants

Gifts For Him 

We all know that most men are really hard to buy for because they tend to already have everything they need, and if they want something then they will just go out and get it themselves. Anyone else's hubs or boyfriend like this? Despite this known fact, I have put together a list of needs and wants for your man/man friend in your life. 

His Needs

His Wants

Gifts For Big Kid 

Their Needs

Their Wants

Gifts For Little Kid 

Their Needs

Their Wants

Gifts For Infant/Baby/1 Year Old 

For this age group, I tend to focus more on the child's needs at Christmas verses their "wants" because let's just face it, no matter what we buy or what we spend on them, they are all going to wind up playing with the wrapping paper and the box. 

I hope this post will be helpful for those of you who are looking to do all of your shopping for the family at once (Walmart always has really good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday). In the spirit of always wanting to be transparent with you all, each of these links are affiliate links, and that means I just make a small amount of commission when you purchase through any of these links (you don't pay anything extra). I just want to think you all for your support! It is because of YOU that I am able to do this for you guys and serve you all to the best of my ability. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! 

Blessings and Health, 

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