Monday, April 30, 2018

My Top Mother's Day Gift Picks

Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe that tomorrow will be MAY! So many exciting things go on in our family during this month, including my sweet B's birthday. One of the most popular days to celebrate in May is Mother's Day, and this day is extra special to me as a mother of three. I get asked all the time to give a "mother's perspective" on gift buying when it comes to these kinds of holidays, so I thought this month I would share my top picks for gifts to buy the mama in your life for her special day. This post consists of products in all price ranges and in several different categories to cater to all mamas' preferences. Here are the categories that I have broken them down in:

Gifts for the mom who...

1. likes needs coffee
2. loves a good bag
3. likes jewelry
4. is health inspired
5. likes to stay with the fashion trend
6. enjoys pampering/skincare

For the mom who likes needs coffee

If you follow me on Instagram you know how Jesus is my saving grace first, then there's coffee second. And lots of it. Back in December of 2017 I found the coffee company, Coffee Over Cardio, and completely fell in love with it and wanted to work with right off the bat for a couple reasons. 1. I love coffee. Do I really need another reason? Well, I do and I'll give it to ya. 2. It is a WOMAN-owned business. Coffee and women are two things any mama can get behind and support. Can I get an amen? Listed below are my favorite coffee flavors from this line of coffee, and I'll share my little trick with you. I like to do 1/2 workflow and 1/2 messy bun. It's the perfect combination of caffeine and sweet (without the creamer or extra sugar). I've also added some of my favorite apparel from this site, as well as some cute mugs and such... because a mama can never have too many coffee mugs :) Also, if you are purchasing from Coffee Over Cardio, don't forget to use my code balancedmama15 for a 15% off discount!

Work Flow 

Messy Bun 

Super Mommy Needs a Super Coffee shirt

Coffee + Ambition mug 

Mama Needs Some Coffee mug

For the mom who loves a good "mommy bag"

Alright, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a hard core love for my "mommy bags." Some of my favorites are linked below and range in prices from under $50 to the ones you'd splurge on your mama for around $300. The reason I like these bags is they serve far more purpose and functionality than just a traditional diaper bag. I use mine for purses, gym bags, travel bags, etc. 

Freshly Picked | Stone Diaper Bag
Other colors available. 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag 
Other colors available 

Miss Fong Diaper Bag 
Other colors available 

Lily Jade Diaper Bag | Madeline in Grey/Gold
Mother's Day Sale going on right now! Other styles/colors available. 

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Bag
Other colors available 

For the mom who likes jewelry

Now, please keep in mind that this selection is MY PERSONAL STYLE/TASTE. I am well aware that other women prefer different taste in jewelry and that is completely fine. I am sharing these picks with you guys because I get messaged almost daily about them and thought I would be doing everyone a disservice if I did not share. 

Monogram Pendant Necklace

Enso Ring Stackable Braided Silicone Ring
Several color options available  

Enso Rings Thin Elements Silicone Ring | Rose Gold

Mama personalized bar necklace

For the mom who is health inspired

PSA this is probably my favorite section because it is right up my ally.  I practically live in workout apparel (even if I don't workout that day). I love a good water bottle. And I just love all the active gear. It makes me even more motivated to be my healthiest and best self. So, if your mama or wife is like me and enjoys these things, this section is for her. 

Hangry Muscle Tank 

Active Crisscross Top 

Active Cutout Muscle Tee

Active Dotted Trim Leggings 

Low-impact Striped Sports Bra 

Women's Adidas Primeknit Sneaker

Women's Adidas Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe 

Women's Adidas 'Ultraboost' Running Shoe

Women's Adidas Originals Relaxed Cap

O2 Cool Mist-n-Sip Water Bottle (24 oz)
(We love this water bottle especially for the hot summer days)

Gymshark Seamless Energy High Waisted Cropped Leggings 

Apple Watch 

For the mom who likes to stay with the fashion trend

Now I will admit, I have become quite the fan of this latest trend (or maybe it's not the latest trend and I am slow to hop on the band wagon), and that is the RUFFLE SLEEVES. If I could wear a ruffle sleeve shirt every day for the rest of my life, I think I would. They just make you feel feminine in the best way, and are modest and classy as well. Can't beat that. Listed below are my favorites (I own most of these, myself and love them! I will also list sizing info and for reference, I am 5'10" and a true size 6/size medium. 

Blue Shoulder Ruffle Tee
Fits TTS, but size up one if you are busty

Pink Blossom Ruffle Top 
Fits TTS

Pinstripe Ruffle Tee
Fits TTS

Twilight Ruffle Top 
Comes in 2 colors
Fits TTS, but size up one if you prefer a longer shirt

Sweet Pea Eyelet Top 
Comes in 2 colors
Fits TTS

A New Day Women's Ruffle Sleeve T-shirt 
Comes in 3 colors
Fits TTS, but size up one for a longer shirt

For the mom who enjoys pampering/skincare

Skincare is something I started caring a lot more about in the past year or two. And unless you go under the knife or get injections, you can't get new skin. It's yours for life. So my best advice is to take care of it... Listed below are my favorite skincare products, as well as some products to give your mama a little extra pampering in her life. I think these items would be the makings of a great little gift basket :)
IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Native Cosmetics Paraben Free + Aluminum Free Deodorant 

BareMinerals BarePRO Concealer 

Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels 
Grace + Stella Co. Bath Rocks 
DERMA E Natural Mineral Sunscreen 

DERMA E Natural Mineral Sunscreen Active Stick 

I hope this post will be of some benefit to you guys. I put a lot of effort into compiling my top picks and sharing what I thought was worth sharing. In the spirit of always being transparent with you guys, I will say that some of these links that are included are affiliate links (which means I get paid commission when a purchase is made through the link). I am in no way saying you have to purchase anything from the links in this post, but I do want to thank those of you who do as this is one of my sources of income. Hope everyone has a blessed start off to the month of May!

Blessings and Health, 

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