Monday, March 28, 2016

Body Confidence

It is no secret that I am about promoting whole body wellness, which includes topics like self love, acceptance, and confidence -- no matter what size you are. This is something that I am ever so passionate about because I struggle with these things also. I have become more active on social media lately, particularly Instagram, in efforts to connect with users and accounts who have the same outlook on health and wellness as I do, as well as finding an extra source of positive motivation and inspiration (we could all use more of that, right?). Lately, I have noticed more people posting about their "Summer Body" or the lack there of whenever a picture is posted and it really got me thinking to myself about body confidence.

I blame a lot of things for the reason why we women have serious body confidence issues. I blame mainstream media for creating such unrealistic expectations of what we women should look like in a bathing suit, or in general. You know the type- long, lean, perfectly toned, but not too ripped or shredded, while having not an ounce of cellulite or any other imperfection on their body. This is the image that we have been brainwashed with and have in the back of our minds when we strive for that "perfect" summer figure. I say the word "perfect" because we cannot be naive to the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect woman (or person), not even those beautiful women on the covers of magazines. With that statement in mind, I ask this question- why do we put this unrealistic pressure on ourselves to look this way despite the fact that no one is perfect. Can we not just accept ourselves for what we are and who we are? 

Although I blame things like mainstream media on why we have body confidence issues, in hindsight, they are merely the scapegoat. No, the true blame should be placed on ourselves. If I had a dime for every time I have heard (or said) a body shaming comment about one's self, I could probably retire myself at age 23. We shame our appearance far too often and it needs to stop. We need to turn these negative thoughts into positive ones and start to see ourselves for the beautiful people that we are. Do you not realize that your flaws are what make you so special and beautiful? How boring would we all be if we were just a picture perfect size two, with a perfect C- cup, no scars or stretch marks or blemishes, and absolutely zero originality? Those imperfections are what make you so beautiful. Those scars on your body mean you have stories to tell. Yes, mamas, those stretch marks may be hideous to you, but they show the world how strong you are that you facilitated a life inside of you for over 9 months. Be proud of who you are and the body that you have. Stop shaming it. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is promoting a positive outlook on life, and that includes your own! You are allowed to be happy and confident in yourself. You are allowed to feel pretty and beautiful and YES, sexy. Own your flaws. Own your body. Take care of your body, and love it the way God loves it. 

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